Monday, March 14, 2016

Out with the Old, In with the New!!

Hi everyone! 

Another week down in the streets of Russia!

It was transfer week, which is always a little different with missionaries leaving and missionaries coming to the area. Tuesday we helped the missionaries leaving Krasnodar, get their bags onto to the train and waved goodbye as they left! Then Wednesday morning,  we got the call that the new missionaries would be arriving in 3 hours. So we headed back to the train station and welcomed our new missionaries,  right off the train from Rostov. 

My new companion is Elder Gerritsen from West Valley, Utah who just marked one year on the mission, as of Friday. He went to Innovations High School. The jury is still out on which one of us is taller, we definitely stand out, especially with his red hair!  It is very different and pretty challenging to be the experienced one in the area. I have been pretty reliant on my companions, up until now,  when it comes to getting around and finding places, but that has all quickly changed!!

Thursday we had District Meeting with the new District. All 3 of the companions I have had are in my same district now! It was fun to reunite with Elder Barnes, he filled me in on all that has happened in Volzhky since I left. Most importantly, Fergie is active now, teaching Sunday School, and she even gave them a referral! That made me so happy! I gave the spiritual thought on "walking the walk."

We have had a good amount of service opportunities again this week. We have been digging a massive hole for Aleksye, as we continue to build his home. He wants the hole 3 meters which is 3 feet taller than me. Elder T and I started the hole last week and it is up to 1.5 meters already! The best part is that Aleksye has been coming to church, 2 weeks in a row now, and it has been so awesome to see the fruits of what service can do! 

We are now required to do 2-3 hours a day teaching on the streets. Street teaching has always been something I feared big time, but this week I have really enjoyed it. I have prayed for and received a new mindset and now I look forward to the opportunity to get out and find the elect. Besides, I can't complain about  it too much when I live in the big, beautiful city of Krasnodar! 

Church was so great yesterday- we had over 90 people! Usually there is only 60 or 70 but yesterday was packed! When President heard that, he had to give us a call, he was one happy man! The talks in sacrament were about giving talks and they were so good! Brother Sergei K. compared writing a talk to making a Russian soup. Gave the recipe very clearly and everyone got a good laugh out of it. Wrote it all down, it was great! 

This transfer, Elder Gerritsen and I will be with the Young Men for the 3rd hour of Church! We have one deacon, one teacher, and one priest! It is so awesome to be able to spend time with them, they are great examples for each other and for me! The one priest, Anton, gave a spiritual thought on why we have trials and he did a great job. The return missionary, Vitya, is the President.  Vitya and I have become pretty close so I am going to really enjoy being in there with the Young Men!!

I definitely learned more about the power of prayer, the scriptures, and the sacrament this week. Found much comfort in those fundamentals in times of need! I love this Gospel! 
Thanks for all the updates, love, support and prayers!!  GO UTES!!  Until next time!!

Much Love!
-Elder Tucker//Старейшина Таккер

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