Monday, May 29, 2017

Kacher Conference Part 2

Hey Family and Friends,

It has been a week of miracles and spiritual feasts! I have gained a strong testimony of fasting and obedience and continue to learn more every day and week on my mission! 

The miracles started last Monday with our miraculous trip to the Krasnodar Zoo - I will send pictures. But honestly, Monday night was a special one. We met Monday night with Tanya, the woman who walked into the branch a week and a half ago. We sat down and started to teach her about the Book of Mormon because the member that showed her the building had given her one. She stopped us as we read and explained the introduction to the Book of Mormon and said she already knew about it because she had read the entire thing in just a couple days. As we picked our jaws off the floor, she asked us why she feels different when she reads the Book of Mormon than when she reads any other book or scripture? We read Moroni 10: 3-5 with her and committed her to be baptized once she comes to know it is true. She said she already knows it is true and committed to be baptized on June 10th
Since then, she has recognized herself the blessings that come from reading the Book of Mormon. She carries it with her everywhere and reads it at every opportunity. She told us about how before she came to the branch, she was having a rough time - no work, really lonely, etc. She said that since she came to the church and started meeting with us, she has been blessed with a good job and others have told her that she looks different, that there is a new light in her face. 
We have been able to teach her the Plan of Salvation which brought her a lot of comfort as she has lost her parents and three kids to early death and is all alone. She said when she is in the branch she just forgets about the outside world and all is well. She has a friend that gives her a hard time for meeting with us and her friend asked her about what we have taught her. When Tanya answered, her friend tried to tell her that she already knew all of that. Tanya replied, "it is one thing to know, and another thing to feel." 

Tuesday and Wednesday we served Aleksei at his home. Between the two days, we carried 2000 bricks! One of the other guys out there that helps building his home has come to the church for an activity and invited us over to his house! 
Tuesday night we had another miracle. We had just gotten home from service and sat down to study the scriptures when Sister Lund called, saying that a woman walked into the branch and they handed the phone to her. She told us that she wants to learn more and really wants us to teach her husband so we got to the branch as quick as we could and taught her the Restoration. She later told us over the phone that she shared what we shared with her with her husband and he actually listened and was interested to learn more! Their phone has been unavailable for a couple days but we hope to get in touch with them soon! 

At the beginning of May, we fasted as a District to find investigators which we had very little success with in Rostov but since moving here and since that fast, we have been finding more than ever! I know that there is power in fasting and that we are seeing miracles because of it! 
We were able to meet with two less active members this week, both named Vasilly. One of them has a testimony but just needs support and to be called to action, the other will be like an investigator, he was baptized 3 years ago and has forgotten almost everything. We talked about the Book of Mormon with both of them and they both committed to read every day! When we asked one if he will try to read daily, he said no, I won't just try, I will. The Book of Mormon is so powerful! 

Friday night we had Game Night and we decided this week to improve the quality of our game nights and it was a lot better! Our friends from Amway came again and had a great time and a couple members told them more about the Gospel! The one family invited us to their home and they live close to an active, young family and we hope to get more involved with them. 

Saturday was Zone Conference with Elder Kacher from the Area Presidency and his wonderful wife, as well as the Miners! Sister Kacher walked in and surprisingly remembered my name! The Kachers and I actually met when I was in the MTC and then they were in our mission for my very first Zone Conference over a year and a half ago but I had not seen them since. Those two are incredible and are truly servants of the Lord. It was great to have them for one of my last Zone Conferences and it was their last mission tour in Russia as they prepare to be reassigned to the Africa West Area. 
Here are some highlights from Conference! 
1- Sister Miner talked about patience which is the Christlike attribute I have selected to work on,  per recommendation from my companion :). She read the verse in D&C 123 that says we do all we can in our power but then we must be patient and let the Lord do the rest that is not in our control. 
2- President Miner gave us a new case study - he knows how to make an incredible case study. It taught us how we can prioritize, make the most of our time, and compromise with our companions!
3- Elder Kacher taught about obedience which I really hoped and prayed that he would talk about. He told us that if we are obedient, even to the little things, we will have the Spirit with us, if not, we do not have that right. He said it is a requirement to be trusted by the Lord, but it is not the only aspect of the work, rather it is just the start/the foundation we build on. Elder Feldman and I set goals last week to be more obedient in different areas and we were. I know that is why we saw miracles this week. The Lord saw our efforts and knew He could trust us with a couple of people he has prepared. 
4- E. Kacher also spoke about faith and told us all to repent for our unbelief and that we should do so daily. We must have the faith to find, teach, baptize, and establish the Church here and the Lord will help us with the rest but our faith is up to us, no one else. "We all have the obligation to overcome unbelief." 
5. Sister Kacher taught us about the importance of the Atonement. She searched the Book of Mormon for the word "important/importance" and it only comes up twice. In Alma 7:7 we read of the importance of the Savior and the atonement and then in 2 Nephi 2:8 about the importance to share that knowledge with others which is our privilege to do. 
(Elder Kacher said some real nice things to me at the end as he shook our hands and thanked me for all I have done)
Saturday night we had a Fireside with the Kachers and Miners for all the Youth and YSA in the branch. I was blessed with the opportunity to translate from Russian to English for Elder Kacher and Sister Klimash did the big job translating from English to Russian. It was a big blessing to sit next to Elder Kacher and see him answer questions and teach! 
The Kachers and Miners also spoke in Sacrament on Sunday morning - we had 95 people in attendance!! Elder Kacher gave a great talk and at the end talked about how he woke up Sunday morning feeling really sick and he really did not want to come to Church, speak, etc. He also shared how he and his wife would love to stay in the Europe East Area but just recently got the unexpected phone call that they will be moving to Ghana, Africa. "We cannot always do what we want to do, but we must remember our covenants and we are blessed, strengthened, and sustained to do what He would have us do." Pretty inspiring words from a man who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. 
I love you all! Going this week for my last visa trip, keep Elder Thayer and I in your prayers!  Thanks for all the love, support and prayers!!  Enjoy your Memorial Day!!  


-Elder Tucker//Старейшина Такер
Строка за строкой

Pictures: Zoo day, Pictures from Zone Conference, Service Day (all the bricks), When it Rains it Pours!!
(lots of pictures this week - sorry, but I know my mom appreciates them..haha)

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