Monday, December 21, 2015


1st  - huge shout out to Emma Merrill for her mission call! The Dominican is the luckiest!

Biggest shout out to the Utes! It hurts a little missing all this success but makes me so very happy. Always cheering them on, from Russia! 

Got another surprise on Sunday when my main man from Volgograd Kolya (aka Nick or Justin Bieber) came to visit! I was so happy to see him! We had some extra time in sacrament meeting so Elder Barnes called on him from the pulpit to share about how he is preparing to go on a mission (he just turned 18). He gave a way good talk about fasting and tithing and the blessings he has received from them. Lets just say many members were grabbing tithing slips afterwards! I love that kid! 

It has been a good week. We did not get back to Volzhky until Thursday so we have only had a few days here. Our new investigator Nikolai, is incredible. He found the Church online and came to church last Sunday. He is the most prepared investigator I have seen so far. When we talked about baptism/the priesthood he proceeded to ask us if we had this priesthood power and then we talked about the Holy Ghost, he told us he wants that! We have only had one full meeting with him but he has a soft baptismal commitment and I have so much faith that he will be baptized! He wants to hear all the lessons and is eager to know more. He really is looking for the truth and he has come to the right place. 

We got invited to an English class here and it has turned into a great finding opportunity. All the people there are so cool and love talking to real Americans. We had a way cool experience showing them the new Christmas video the church made that everyone should watch ( It is only two minutes, one girl really thanked us for it because she was religious when she was little and would go to church with her dad. It was awesome because she expressed how thankful she was for the video in perfect english and at the beginning of the class she was too shy to even speak. 

Speaking of Christmas, we have been on a big Christmas kick recently. We got new pass along cards to share the video with everyone. The other night someone was in a hurry and he shook our hands and I accidentally shook his hand with a card in my hand. Then I proceeded to say (in English) "oh, there's a new card for ya." Of course he did not speak English and was way confused and then we all just started laughing. It was quite the sly move. 

Also on the topic of Christmas, I have been thinking a lot about it as it is this week. I realized that my whole life I have loved Christmas for two reasons only- family and presents. This year is a little different with my family thousands of miles away,  however I do have wrapped presents waiting to be opened , thanks to my mom. I have always loved Christmas but it always ends to soon and the new gifts lose their flavor too quickly. Christmas does not have to end when the presents are done being opened, however, if we just remember why we celebrate it after all. Jesus Christ is the true meaning of Christmas, his life should be celebrated every day because he makes all things possible for us. Although I miss me a good old traditional Christmas with the my family, I have a feeling this will be my favorite Christmas yet. Zone Conference tomorrow.  It is going to be a great week!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!  Have a great time celebrating with all those you love!!

Elder Tucker


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