Monday, December 7, 2015


It is transfer week! Can't believe my first transfer is over. I will be staying in Volzhky with Elder Barnes for 6 more weeks which was good news! However, transfers are crazy here with visa trips and everyone traveling to their new areas. Elder Barnes has a visa trip but the visa trip has been delayed so he is going to Rostov tomorrow and working until it happens and I will be on splits all week in my favorite city of Volgograd with Elder Berger who is a Zone Leader. It will be a fun week! 

Last Monday we had interviews with President Miner, I love that man so much! He is the best. We had a great chat. And then he came back just on Saturday for the baptism in Volgograd and he came to our branch yesterday. He taught Sunday School and it was so good. He talked all about the process of being called as a mission president and how L. Tom Perry promised them they would see miracles and that they have! So much has fallen into place for them to be here, it just cannot be a coincidence. Just proof that He qualifies who he calls! We are excited to get Sister Miner back tomorrow as well! 

The baptism was for Sam from Ghana and it was perfect. He was so ready and he brings all his friends to church and some of them have baptismal dates already set, as well. Elder Barnes was the one Sam chose to baptize him because E. Barnes was the original one to find him. It was a special night, great turn out, Spirit was so strong. It was just incredible to see someone enter into the waters of baptism for the first time , as a missionary! 
We got some new investigators this week! One named Maxim worked in India for a few years so him and I talked all about that,  of course. He has been to all the places I have been so it was fun to connect. He speaks great English which really helps haha. 

Church/Fast Sunday was great yesterday. I was able to share my testimony about my new found love for the scriptures however I don't know if they understood any of it. One thing I have learned from serving in this Branch Presidency is just how important Tithing and Fast Offerings are. I see some of the things and people that benefit greatly from it, so always pay your tithing and fast offerings! 

Shoutout to the Utes for the big win over the Cougars in basketball. Heard about the Utes BYU showdown in Vegas. My goodness I cannot wait to hear how that goes! Let's make it 5 in a row Utes!! 
Thanks to all of you for your love, support and prayers!!  Love you all!!!

-Elder Tucker

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