Monday, April 11, 2016

General Conference/Christmas

Hi All, with a late P-Day last week and Conference Weekend, we only had 3 days to fit in a week's worth of work, it was wild! Saw lots of miracles though! In just two days last week we found two new investigators which means we have five current investigators!! Both were found in our Area Book, one was an investigator about a year ago, and the other was an investigator in 2008! They are both very friendly and have a lot of potential to progress to the waters of baptism! Alexye and Roman are their names and we are very blessed to have found them! We were very blessed to be guided to them! In those short days we also found 4 other potential investigators, a couple of which we have already scheduled a meeting with. We were so busy, it was even a little stressful at times coordinating who to meet with and when- a great problem to have as a Russian Missionary!! As Elder G said this week, "It is amazing what we can do with a little faith!"  

We were also able to work with our incredible Recent Converts. All are still doing great and progressing in the Gospel. I have made a pretty special bond with Sister Lena, who told me this week "If I lived in Utah, I would go to the temple everyday!" She wants to go to the temple so bad and also would give a lot to receive a patriarchal blessing- and unfortunately the Patriarch will not be coming to our mission this year. Just another major "count your many blessings" moment, I never appreciated all we have in Utah! I get taught that lesson almost daily here by the diehard members! 

Well now for the good stuff, Conference!! I was just blown away by Conference, my chest was just on fire throughout. What an opportunity! It truly is like Christmas as a missionary of the Lord! Here is what I loved:
I loved the common themes throughout  such as the importance of families, the Spirit, the Sacrament and my favorite, remembering who we are and our divine nature as sons and daughters of God! With that being said one of my favorite talks came from Donald L Hallstrom about remembering that above all else we are sons and daughters of a loving heavenly father (the first principle we teach as missionaries)! "Remember who you are" has always been a common phrase from mom and  my grandparents, but this conference really made me think about it! 

I enjoyed Kevin P. Duncan's words on forgiveness, although when he said we must forgive others even if they cheer for rival sports teams the whole district looked at me and laughed. Elder Barnes said that was a call out to me haha. 

Mervyn B. Arnold gave us missionaries great council about going to the rescue- it is never too late, never give up! 
M. Russell Ballard's talk about Family Council reminded me of the "Round Table" tradition in the Tucker Family! That is something I always want to have with friends and family, I even told the district we should start calling District Meeting/Coordination Meeting Family Council instead.

It was very special to hear from our beloved Prophet Thomas S. Monson. His messages were short but profound, I cannot help but smile when he is speaking. I loved his guidance to choose a harder right than an easier wrong, he truly is God's Prophet on the Earth today! 

Sister Oscarson's talk made me think about myself and my own conversion. It is important to ask ourselves if we really believe all the incredible things we know! We have tasted of the fruit but must keep feasting on the things we have been taught. 

I thought of Dad so much when D. Todd Christofferson spoke and then the next talk started about the Bangkok Thailand temple! 

I loved President Uchtdorf's talk about how our obedience allows Heavenly Father to rebuild us from the dust that we are- his story from his childhood in Germany was really awesome!

I have studied a lot throughout my mission how our trials are a blessing and Elder Oaks gave a great talk about that. Opposition and trials are all part of the plan. I really liked when he said, "The Lord does not make it easy, but does make it possible!"

Of course the absolute best message came from my favorite apostle, Elder Holland. That man is so powerful in his teaching because he teaches simply and with emotion (and of course a little humor). I really needed his advice on how we come down from peak experiences like Conference. We can follow what we were told and change! Tomorrow can be as good as Conference Weekend because He loves us and wants to bless us and is cheering us on as we endure to the end. Luckily in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are not perfect, but we get credit just for trying! 

Priesthood was also great, mostly gave me future council as the focus was on marriage and family but I did love Stephen W. Owen's words about how the greatest leaders are followers!
That is just a piece of my take away from an incredible Conference! 

We have been in short sleeved shirts and without suit coats a few times this week, it is hot! 
I am off to some district volleyball in the rain, but also going to Armenia this Thursday so pray for our safe travels and then transfer calls will be coming on Friday so pray that I will stay in K Dar! Cant believe transfers are happening again so soon!  Happy for all of those that got their mission calls this week. You all will be great missionaries!!  Thanks for all the love, support and prayers!!  It truly does help!!
Love you all!  
-Elder Tucker//Старейшина Таккер

Pictures of Zone Conference 

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