Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Zone Conference

Helloo family and friends,

Hope you all remembered I would be writing a day late, due to Zone Conference! Really wish you could all see Krasnodar right now, sunny, blue skies, so warm, I love this city! 

It has been a great, busy week like usual! 

I hope you all had a great Conference weekend! We will get to watch this weekend and as we say in Russian, "I am waiting without patience." Honestly, so excited!! 

Mom- Sister Diana called last night and said (this wont translate exactly) "Give your mom a big big big hi from me with love, warmth, happiness, and  thankfulness for your great son of ours. I will be his Russian Mother for the next 17 months!" 

I saw some pretty cool miracles this week! We were going to drop Edward as an investigator this week because we have not met with him once. However, he called us the other day to talk about baptism! It was so unexpected, especially because he usually only calls with an English question or to see how we are doing! We also got a referral from the Sochi Elders and he became a new investigator! His name is Oveg, we have met with him once and he came to church on Sunday! Also we have found some people in the Area Book who we have set up to meet with this week, so the work is rollin'!

Had an awesome lesson the other night with my Russian Family! We were invited over by Vitya (return missionary from Yekaterinburg) but he got caught up at work so we just met with his incredible mom who is the Primary President. We discussed the "Behold, Thy Mother" talk from last conference. I love that family so much, they have quite the conversion story! My brother Vitya told me to tell you all hi and that you have a Russian son/brother! 

We did service for Aleksye, I will attach a pic of that! (The hole we have been digging). Also went back to the Rinok with Brot. Rustam!  We did some service there as well. This morning we also served some members with the Johnstuns, it was great! 

All of our Recent Converts are doing great! Had a great lesson with Lena about Temples, by the end she said "I have to go!" She will hit her year mark in the Church this month! She told President Miner that I am a great English teacher and to leave me in K-Dar, lol. Met with Mihael and Maxim, they are both doing great, just working with them to get the priesthood!  

Sunday was a great fast sunday! Pretty busy day at Church because we had the Miners, Johnstuns, and then the Reids and the Taylors both in town from Moscow! It was so awesome! Lots of translating opportunities. The Reids and Taylors are incredible! 

Zone Conference was simply the best. Very powerful! President Miner led the discussion on Faith. He ended up comparing it to a mountain climb,  he did with his sons. We as missionaries have all signed up to climb the mountain. Sometimes we have to take the first step in the dark but the Lord will light the rest of the way if we are humble enough to let him. I loved part of a quote he shared, "Life can be faith filled and stress-free!" The Taylors are the Area Doctors (Elder Taylor is a doctor and Sister Taylor is a psychiatrist) they gave great trainings. Sister Taylor, who called me Elder Sunshine when she met me on Sunday, talked about our mindsets. Most missionaries have a fixed mindset which mostly invloves our desire to be perfect that results in fears and negative thoughts. We must have Growth Mindsets which means that you do not want to be the best or perfect right now because that means you cant get better! Instead of thinking "I cannot do this", think "I can't do this yet!" The Reids are over Addiction Recovery and trained us on how to help ourselves and those we work with work through addictions. We all have our different addictions or weakness, and we all are doing the 12 Step AddictionRecovery program! They are very powerful teachers with lots of experience with addiction recovery and the help we receive through the Atonement! 
We also had a bunch of other good trainings but wont bore you with all the details!! Had some great chats with the Miners, I love them so dearly!  Love you all, thanks for the prayers, love and support!!
Till next week!  
-Elder Tucker//Старейшина Таккер

Picture of the deep hole, we have been digging(love to help and serve others)

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