Wednesday, October 14, 2015

50 !!

Today is my 50 day mark! Only 12 days till I'm Rostov bound! 

It has been another good week in Provo. Here is why:

Let me tell you there is no bigger testimony builder for me than seeing my best friends leave Provo going all over the world. I've even had the chance to hear them speak their new languages and it just gives me chills. The Gift of Tongues is real! I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have the best friends in the world and they are going to be responsible for so much good in their new states/countries. All the places my friends are serving, don't know how lucky they are to have such studs preaching them the truth they need to hear! But having such good examples makes it real hard to say bye! Love you all! 

So this week all the older Russians left and all the ones that left to the Spain MTC so now my district is next to leave. The fact that we go to Russia so soon is pretty intimidating,  but I am so excited. Last night we heard from a member of the Presidency of the Seventy and he talked about how all of this is just the beginning for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. How we started with one named Joseph Smith and now there are 15 million of us. He promised that we would tell our kids that we remember when there  was ONLY 15 million members. I of course thought of how I hope to tell my kids that when I served in Rostov there were only 14 branches and 0 temples in the whole country. I'm truly honored to go to Russia at such a special time when there is much work to be done. I know when I'm older Russia will be home to temples and more stakes, wards, branches, and members than we can imagine! 

Spiritual Thought: Sister Warnick shared with me Alma 31: 30-35 this week and called it A Missionary's Prayer- check it out. It is powerful!

Language Update: Yesterday when I was kinda down about friends leaving, Elder David and I taught our best lesson to our teacher/investigator Oleg. He even told us after that it felt different and that we did a good job. That always feels good, especially when it is all in Russian. Bringing people unto Christ makes me happier than anything, but it is quite hard to do in a new language! I'll get there with the language though!

In Skype this week with actual Russians we got complimented on our Russian which was also good to hear. We both know they are just being nice because our Russian is FAR from where it needs to be but I love Skyping the members!
I think that is all from me this week. 12 days cannot come soon enough!! 
GO UTES! Go Rams!
All my love,

-Elder Tucker

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