Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Conference Christmas

привет! (Hi!)
Another week down and 19 days left in Provo!
Wow it has been quite the week. Mostly because of General Conference,  but I'll talk about that later on. 
HOW ABOUT THEM UTES!? Are you kidding me?? Ranked 5th and bringing Game Day to town. I am so proud of them and wearing my Ute socks right now. 
Let's talk conference aka the equivalent to Christmas for us missionaries.
Here's what I loved about conference:
1. I loved watching and thinking that my friends and family throughout the world,  were watching the same broadcast. I felt so connected to those I love and miss , and it made me so happy. 
2. Watching conference as a missionary is a whole new experience. It means so much more to me now as a representative of Jesus Christ and this Church, with his name always displayed on my chest. 
3. The talk about simplifying the gospel from President Uchtdorf- it was very applicable to me as a missionary! There were multiple talks I loved , that also mentioned callings and how the Lord will help us magnify our callings if we put in the effort. 
4. The whole talk from Larry R. Lawrence on Saturday morning was pure gold. 
5. Jeffrey R. Holland's talk on mothers. He stressed how the two most important people are our Savior and our moms. Cried the whole time thinking about my incredible mom watching the same thing undoubtedly thinking about her two missionaries. I am so blessed to call Pam Tucker my mom even though I take it for granted. I love you so much mom. 
6. Russell M. Nielsen's talk on women. It was incredible! I thought of all the incredible women in my life. Grandma, Mom, Megan, and Lexi- you mean the world to me. I would be no where without you four. Never forget how crucial you are to us men. 
7. Thomas S. Monson. It is always a pleasure to hear from our prophet that we all take for granted. I think it was a major wake up call of how much we take him for granted when he started leaning on the pulpit and struggled to finish his talk. Just about broke my heart. I absolutely adore that man! We are so lucky to have him at the head of the Church. His message on being a light to the world was inspiring. 

Sunday night I went to the talk "Recognizing the Spirit" given by Elder Bednar at the MTC a while ago. It was a game changer for me. It is about 45 mins long if any of you wanna look it up. There is one video I want you all to watch that is only about 15 minutes. It is about a kid who served in Latvia and it pretty accurately depicts all that I am going through and will go through. Elder Braxton Chipman suggested I watch it and it changed everything for me! Here is the link:

Language update:
So on Monday we got to do Skype TRC where we Skype a member in Russia and teach a lesson! We got a бабушка (grandma) which everyone wants. She lives in St. Petersburg and she was awesome. She said we spoke good Russian and just went on about how she loves missionaries. Got me soooo excited for the members in Rostov, I know I will love them so much! Speaking of Rostov, last week in normal TRC here at the MTC, we taught a kid and his mom and he got home from Rostov 4 weeks ago. But in TRC we cannot use English, we even asked можно по-английски (which means may we speak english) so we could talk about Rostov and he said no so we couldn't ask much about it and it was kind of awkward but cool. 

Huge shout out to loyal blog readers Emma and Sue Merrill. And big HBD to Emma! 

I love you all! Keep me and the people of Rostov in your prayers! Till next week!

старейшина Tucker

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