Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Goodbye Provo

This will probably be the last you here from me as far as my MTC stay goes! It has flown by down here, however these last days have been dragging a little.

Last Friday we got our flight plans! SLC to JFK to Moscow to Rostov! We have like a 9 hour layover in New York and 10 hours in Moscow or something like that. Should be fun! 

I'm mostly going to write about this past Sunday, it was an incredible day. In the morning we had a great Sacrament meeting where our Branch President Heaps talked to us, he is incredible. I am sure going to miss our Branch Presidency, my district has gotten real close with them. My district sang in Sacrament on Sunday. We sang Be Still My Soul. First verse, was the 4 good singers in the district, then second verse was just the elders, and third verse was all of us in Russian. It was awesome.

Sunday after dinner I had a life altering experience. A Sister in my district asked me to give her a Priesthood Blessing for comfort. I had never given a blessing before, I never realized how special blessings are. Anyways, I was pretty nervous but prayed before and when the blessing started I have never felt more peace and comfort in my life. I don't even know what I said, I just hope I was able to help her! Pretty incredible to experience first hand, the power of the Priesthood, something I had not fully appreciated or understood until Sunday night. 

Sunday Night Devotional we had BYU's own Chad Lewis and the one and only Taysom Hill. I know what you are all thinking and yes it was kind of painful to hear from the rivals themselves. However, they both had strong testimonies and awesome experiences. Taysom said something along the lines of, "I have played in front of countless fans in some of the biggest stadiums in the country, but nothing has ever compared to the experience of serving a mission." Pretty cool to hear. 

Language Update:
I've been focusing all on grammar with Sister Warnick and we have made a lot of progress. My teacher complimented mine and Elder David's grammar after the last lesson which always feels great because his Russian is flawless. I've accepted the fact that getting to Russia will be a huge slap in the fact as far as the language goes. But I am so excited to hear from and talk to real Russians and try to immerse myself into their culture and language! 

I can't believe it is time for me to actually get into the mission field. I have had D&C 4 memorized for many years now,  because we recite it, every Sunday at my home ward, but it has never meant more to me than it does now! Brother Allen from our Branch Presidency read it last night and it hit me hard.

I'm going to Russia with two 50 pound bags and very minimal Russian. However, I do have a testimony of this Gospel and that is just about all I ever need.  Thanks for all the prayers, love and support!!

Next stop: Russia!

-Elder Tucker

On a side note earlier today-in his email - "You are not going to believe the hour we all just had. Rumors were
flying,  that all Rostov missionaries were getting reassigned for 6 weeks, I was way bummed,  I said a prayer,
then went to the travel office and right as they told me that I was reassigned to the Virginia, Chesapeake mission, a lady in the back said "all the Rostov visas came" so wow, what a miracle!!"  Leaving to Rostov as planned.

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