Wednesday, September 2, 2015

David & Goliath

I survived my first week in Provo! The first few days were really really tough. I missed the first lesson on the Russian alphabet and everything, so I was behind.  Since I arrived at the MTC at 1:45 and the class started at 1:00 pm. and everyone else either knew some Russian or even dedicated their whole summer to learning it,  so it was pretty discouraging for me,  to be the worst one. But it has gotten better. Russian is 100% jibberish and the alphabet looks like a dyslexic English speaker made it,  but it is also the coolest language here (not biased).
My companion is Elder David (pronounced Duh-vid) and he is a wrestler from West Jordan. He is quite small so we have received the nickname David and Goliath. I love him and my whole district, everyone is great. There are soo many Russian speaking missionaries so we all do everything together as we are encouraged to SYL (Speak Your Language) at every opportunity. We even have sacrament in Russian - Russian hymns are the coolest. 
I really have started to appreciate this place (even the gross food and cold drops of water, called showers) I really am happy!
We got to hear from Dallin H. Oaks last night which was a pretty big deal. I also got to watch "Character of Christ" last night and I highly recommend it,  although it is to missionaries. Also Preach My Gospel is so great. And the scriptures! Also look up Kiev UkraineTemple Celebration, there is a video that brought us all to tears but it is all in Russian and other languages. 
I love this gospel and the comfort it brings to me! I also love getting mail so please use if you can! I love you all, the support keeps me going!
-Elder Tucker

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  1. You look and sound awesome Zach & we love the David and Goliath!