Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Lead, Kindly Light

Zdrastvooytye everyone!
Another week down in Provo, and one week closer to Russia! I honestly can not explain how lucky I feel to be going to the Russia Rostov-na-Donu Mission! It sounds crazy but I have a new, genuine appreciation for Russia- my home for the next two years!
This week I was asked to be the new District Leader and of course, I accepted. I am in thee greatest district of all time and getting to be there leader is such an honor. Seriously I have gotten so close with this group and we have so much love for each other and quite the bond! 
We said goodbye to 35 Elders and Sisters this week that are off to Russia and Ukraine! Thankfully we are getting tons of newbies next Wednesday which we are all pumped for! 
Yesterday we had a huge surprise for us- we got our Russian name tags! Usually those do not come until you are about a week or two from leaving. So we got ours way early. We cannot wear them here but they look sweet! 
Fun fact of the week, I am in love with hymns. That is something I never thought I would say but it is all we can listen to so I blast MoTab every day. The hymn Lead, Kindly Light has a special place in my heart. I have to hold back my tears when we sing it ,in Russian and English- it is my favorite.  Listen to it !!

I am so happy and loving being a missionary. You can feel the Spirit in our lessons (although they are purely in Russian). This gospel is and always will be true, it is my job and privilege to share it with the people of Rostov!
As always, thanks for the emails, Dear Elders, packages, love, and support. Truly keeps me going. 
-Elder Tucker

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