Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Elder Fairbanks

Another week down in Provo! Things are going well minus the fact that everyone here including yours truly is sick. Also, Russian is still Russian and it can be quite discouraging at times. But I am having a good time, I have been blessed with the greatest district, but we had lots of tears shed this week saying goodbye to Elder Fairbanks.
Elder Fairbanks was actually born in Russia but was adopted at a young age and lives in Indiana. That kid knew how to brighten my day no matter what. He was so funny and I would take him to all my friends so he could do his unreal impersonation of Liam Neeson and the Joker! Seeing him go home was hard on us all but we know it was the right decision for him. We all love you Justin Fairbanks! 
Other than that, the week has been great. Last Wednesday I got to see Elder Hannes du Randt and Elder Braxton Chipman right as they got to the MTC. There is nothing like running up to some of my best friends for a big old hug. Honestly keeps me going. Took me a while to find Elder Ben Randle but I did and he is doing great! We said bye to Elder Calvin Cook last night as he left for Des Moines this morning. He will be great! 
I thank you all for the love and support. I got 5 Dear Elders the other day AND a package and the happiness that brings me is almost equivalent to hearing about my Utes! Already ranked only one week in? Yes I am reppin my Ute socks in Provo today. 
Everyone please continue to keep in touch and keep me in your prayers- especially for the gift of tongues. Russian has been quite the struggle for me.
Go Rams, Go Utes! 
Till next week,
PICS: My district at the temple
Me and Fairbanks 
-Elder Tucker

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