Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Zdrastvooy family and friends!

I am almost at my halfway mark here at the MTC! Time is going pretty fast and every day down is another day closer to Russia! We are anxiously awaiting the new Russian speakers coming today, our zone is getting 33 newbies! 

This week has been pretty solid.  Sunday night we had Lloyd Newell with us and we did the MTC and the Spoken Word. I was in the choir with about 1,000 other Elders and Sisters. Some pretty powerful hymns! 

The biggest thing I have learned this week is faith. I have had lots of questions this week and even some doubts about certain topics discussed in class. But, I realized that faith is exactly what I was lacking. Faith means to not have a perfect knowledge, to not see, but to believe. So although I do not know everything about this gospel and I am far from knowing Russian, I do have faith. Faith is so key, it is the first principle of this Gospel. Hopefully I can remember that throughout the next two years and throughout my life!

My companion and I had a big milestone this week. We committed our "investigator" to baptism! We had to memorize the baptismal comittment our first week here in Russian and I was so pumped to finally use it. Luckily he said yes and it was awesome. Although it is just our teacher pretending to be a man named Oleg, the Spirit is still felt and we are still preaching the word of God in a new language. Pretty incredible if you ask me! 

Big shoutout to one of my greatest friends Molly Vroom, Happy Birthday! 

I am doing just fine and loving being a missionary. Continue to pray for me and this language! Much love,

Elder Tucker

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