Monday, November 9, 2015

District in Volgograd

Hey all!

Mission Update: This whole weekend we have had the Kachers with us. President Kacher serves in the Area Presidency in Moscow and is a member of the Quorum of the Seventy. We've spent a ton of time in Volgograd this week because of this. We had an all day Zone Conference on Friday with the Miners and Kachers, it was so good!! 

We are trying to focus more on less actives and in-actives here , because the Church here is gaining converts yet Sacrament attendance is declining. 3 of 4 are less active! We have a ton in Volzhky that we are going to start working with. Pres. Kacher taught us some great things about working with all different types of people from Investigators to Members. He also talked about our mindsets and said something along the lines of, "Our mindsets are a direct reflection of our faith in Jesus Christ." It is so true! Russia is only hard if you think that way!  He had some way valuable insight and was calling us by name from the minute he walked in. Incredible man. And it was awesome to get to spend time with the Miners, they do so much for us. 

We also had a Conference on Sunday in Volgograd with the Kachers and Miners so all the members from all the branches in the area came for the big announcement that Volgograd is now a District! It was a big historical weekend. 

Right after the Conference ended in Volgograd, I witnessed something incredible. The man who had just barely been made the District President piled into his older car with his daughter and two other members and left for the Temple in Kiev. One of the members told us it is a 24 hour drive.. That is dedication. Don't take advantage of the many wonderful temples all so close in Utah.

This week I got to meet the Ghanaians in Volgograd. My comp taught a lot of them when he served there. They are incredible! One of them, named Sam, just committed to baptism and many others are going to follow. Made me think of Elder Divver. He is pretty lucky to work with those people all day every day! I love them! 

Russia Update: It is getting cold quickly. It has not been too bad yet. But a member informed us that in our area -20/-25 is normal in the winter... 

This week I have noticed all the incredible statues that I am surrounded by. All are war related and you can find a Lenin statue on about every street corner. Russia is unlike anywhere I have been before, I absolutely love it!!

Snickers are still the best ever. Also had McDonalds today and it was too good !!

Language Update: Russian is hard. They all speak soo very fast and it is way hard to understand but I think I am slowly but surely improving. Idk if/when I will ever speak this language but I cannot wait for the day it comes.

All is well in Russia. My comp and I are getting to work in Volzhky and we have fun doing it. Poor Elder Barnes broke his bed this week and it was soo funny. 

I am great!! Thanks for all the love and support!  

-Elder Tucker
Pictures - Ghana Buddies-yes, in Russia, My apartment building, The Branch, Zach and a Tank, Zone Conference

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