Monday, November 23, 2015


Greetings Everyone,

This week we brought back English Club to Volzhky! Everyone was way pumped about it! Most people here can say a couple things in English ,but usually it is quite hard to understand.  We had a few people this week and it will hopefully continue to grow in numbers. Everyone on the streets rejects us and then when we mention a free English class they become so nice haha! We taught them greetings this week and even taught them "What's up, dog?" and I was laughing so hard.  They help me with my Russian and I help them with English. win win.  

We planned a way solid activity for the Branch this week- game night and watching Meet the Mormons in Russian! So we set it all up, called everyone, and not a single person showed up... But we got it rescheduled for this Saturday and members offered to bring stuff this time, it will be a lot better! 

Had the most interesting hour the other day on the streets. Talked to two men and let's just say I won't forget it anytime soon! 

Church was great yesterday, only lead the music and said the closing prayer this week. The branch is starting to feel like home and a family now. Even got my weekly language lesson from this one member. He made me read out loud to him and then I don't really understand his corrections because I am still working on my Russian, so it is quite entertaining.
It has been warm this week which we have been told is really rare for this time of year. Lots and lots of rain! Today is blue skies and sunny! Have not seen the sun for about a week so it is really nice today! Only about 8 hours of daylight right now.

Starting a new thing where each week I pick a verse to ponderize and a christlike attribute to work on.

Verse this week: Mosiah 24:15.

Christlike Attribute: Virtue

This week I finished Our Heritage and started Jesus the Christ. Both are so good and highly recommend them!

I think that is all from me! I love you all and hope you have the greatest Thanksgiving, appreciate all the many blessings you have!  We all have so much to be grateful for!!  Love you all, until next week.

-Elder Tucker

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