Monday, November 16, 2015


Hey all,
  Zach did not have time to write on the blog, so I am going to share a few things that he wrote in his
family email.
  "I have been a little homesick this week, but I have turned it into motivations! I have dedicated a day of the week to each of you.  I do not know if it will just last this week or my entire mission, but it has really helped so far.  Sundays are for Mom- because she is always at church, not matter what, and
every day she has a smile on her face, she has so much patience and strength, it starts my week off right, with a positive attitude.  Mondays are for Megs- I need to be more like her, bold and not afraid to state what I know to be true.  Tuesdays are for Trav - which will help me to be smart, clever,devoted and I want to strive to be like his example when in served in Hong Kong.  Wednesdays are for Lex- middle of the week slump, I need some of that energy, to finish strong!! Thursdays are for my Rams,
friends, and my boys all around the world, because they also motivate me!! Fridays are for Ri- This will probably be my most successful day, as I try to mirror his missionary work, that has been incredibly successful.  Saturdays are for Dad- A member in my branch presidency said "finishers are the best missionaries", so if I work hard, I will finish my week strong!!   I love you all!!

Mission update:  It has been a good week overall.  I went on splits in Volgograd with a Zone Leader, we taught a some great lessons.  My companion and I had some good lessons with members this week, they are the best!! One of our investigators read the whole BOM in 3 days.  Which was awesome!!  On Sunday, I had to give a 10 minute talk ( with no notice, thankfully, I had a few talks from the MTC, I had prepared). conducted the hymns, passed the sacrament.  We had a few members that I had not met before this week, it was great to meet them.  We had like 15 at church and they all
stayed for Sunday School, which almost never happens, they stayed because we had a Linger Longer afterwards, and served them muffins.

This week we are starting English Class and having game night.  This week I have realized that
I am understanding the language a lot more!! It is coming, slowly but surely.  It is starting to get
really cold.  Today was actually pretty nice.   Love you all, thanks for all the updates, love, and
support.  Until next week!!"

Elder Tucker

Pictures- Sunsets, ready for the cold in my new coat

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