Monday, February 22, 2016

A Baptism in K-Dar

Hey all! 

It was a pretty good week, overall!! This keyboard is not treating me very well,  so sorry in advance for mistakes. 
The week started off rough, seemed like everything with the baptism was falling apart and just had some not so fun experiences. 

Everything started to pick up on Thursday starting with a great District Meeting. Sister Sommers led our discussion about testimonies and it was a very powerful, emotional meeting. It was exactly what I needed!

Saturday was Mihael's big day!! With the help of our incredible members, the night was perfect. Had some solid talks, then it was my privilege to utilize my Priesthood Authority and baptize Mihael. After we changed, there was time for testimonies. Mihael, although nervous, said that that day marked the beginning of his new life! I was able to share my testimony and many others also shared theirs. We had some great treats after and everyone kept welcoming Mihael to the Krasnodar family. I also gave him a tie of mine and sewed a laminated piece of paper on the back with the date of his baptism and my name on it. He also got his new triple combination of scriptures, he was pretty pumped! Very special night, one I will not likely forget anytime soon. 

Now we will be working with Ruslan who accepted a baptismal date this week for early March!! He always comes to church and usually brings his Mom with him, but we were kind of at a stand still with him. He knows the Bible very well and is a great guy and has been taught most the lessons but just thinks all churches are true. Last Sunday the talks about the temple really got him, and especially his mom, interested. His mom apparently did some research after that and planned a trip for the summer to the Kiev, Ukraine temple. Anyways, we met with him the other night and had a very powerful lesson. We mostly discussed temples and then we asked him to be baptized and he said, "I knew you two were going to ask that tonight." He asked us all to pray right there and then to pick a date and we picked March 4th. It was incredible to see the Spirit work on him. 

Yesterday was a special Sunday, mostly because Mihael was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and received the Holy Ghost. He also already has a calling as President of the Gospel Principles class which basically means he will just select hymns and who will pray. Pretty sweet! We also had a missionary return this week from the Yekaterinburg Mission, he is such a stud! He helped us on the lesson with Ruslan and is just a great guy. He also accepted his new calling as Young Men's President on his first Sunday home! 

Tomorrow is a big holiday here, and Russians love their holidays! It is an Army Holiday but from what I understand it is Men's Day. So at church, the Relief Society came into Priesthood and sang for us and they made tons of incredible Blini for us- so good! But with the holiday tomorrow, we will be staying in tonight and tomorrow night as well. 

I have to take a minute and celebrate the men in my life that I could not live without!  Family, friends, and especially my three best friends- Riley, Travis and Dad. I love you three so much, Happy Men's Day from Russia! 

Much love to you all, till next week! 

-Elder Tucker//Старейшина Таккер

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