Monday, February 1, 2016

For Surely (For Sure)

I feel like I was just sitting here yesterday, writing home and now,  it is already February?? Time flies, I tell ya.

It was a good week! Started last Monday with a great Family Home Evening with a few members. We had a fun spiritual thought about the Atonement, involving candy and push ups. The other missionaries,  unexpectedly showed up and they gave a spiritual thought. We then played charades which was way interesting in Russian lol. 

I was on splits almost all week with Elder Prescott who came to Russia same day as me and also came to Krasnodar same day as me. So it was pretty hard because we have no idea where anything is and don't know many people yet. We had some good success on the streets though and found one solid investigator named Stas, he just got here from Uzbekistan! 

We had a great time meeting the Biletskee family the other day, they are so solid! The dad is like a 3 time Russian National Karate Champion. Apparently a lot of people know who he is! They have 2 little boys that are the best and just such a solid family. Our lesson was actually on families and I just talked about my family and shared Helaman 5:12. We also shared all of our pictures. The Johnstuns came with us because they are their home teachers so we took turns translating for them which was hard,  but a really cool experience! 

Sunday was great as usual. They unexpectedly called on Elder Prescott and I to share our testimonies, because we are new. It went well and they were all so thankful afterwards. The branch here continues to fascinate me. They are really just a big family, so much love and support! It is nothing short of incredible. I love this branch! Our investigator Mihael came to church! He looked like a whole new person all dressed up for Church! It is really cool to witness the change already taking place in him, just hope and pray he will keep preparing for his big day on February 20th

It is great to be back with Elder T after some time apart. I love this guy and it is such an honor to serve with him! We have both made huge progress in our second languages. My district has informed me that I keep saying, "for surely" which I know  is not correct but it just comes out like that,  so I don't know what happened there. lol. I know I should be saying for sure, but it comes out for surely. 

Today for Pd-day,  we are going to Kuban Stadium home of the big soccer team here in Krasnodar! Just want to see it, you know how I am with my sports teams. 

All is good! Thanks for all the support and updates!!  Much love from K-Dar! 

-Elder Tucker//Старейшина Таккер

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