Monday, February 29, 2016

Zone Conference

Hey All,

This week we had service every single day except Friday, that is because we had Zone Conference. I think I was in service clothes almost as much as missionary clothes and I think I used a shovel more than the Book of Mormon. It has been great to help so many people. However, it is quite tiring, physically, but really rewarding and we have seen success in our missionary work through service,  which is a bonus!!

Had the opportunity to teach English again. I have kind of become the designated teacher for the Advanced group even though everyone participates. One sister, Lena (Helen), speaks English really well and she just loved the lesson. I have been using a flashlight to give a visual of the Great Apostasy and the Restoration and she just loved it. She calls me "The Baptizer" and tells me I will be called to teach Institute in the future. She is great, I love the older sisters here! They all cannot get over my height haha. 

Got to teach the Biletskee family this week with the Johnstuns. We had a very powerful lesson about the parable of the Unmerciful Servant in Matthew 18 and how we need to forgive others to receive forgiveness. It was awesome! 

Friday was Zone Conference! We had two Russian Elders from Crimea come in to stay with us, they were so awesome. Always fun living with 3 Russians! We also had the Tuapse Elders with us which is where Elder Von is serving from Orlando, Florida! It was cool to see pictures and hear stories of his family knowing that my brother served in their ward and had dinner with them. 

Zone Conference was great as always. We had a great meeting and I felt so motivated and uplifted afterwards. One thing we have been asked to do is slow down the end of our prayers, it is the most important part! Also, one thing our mission does that I love is gratitude prayers. Gratitude prayers are prayers in which we only thank, we do not ask for a single thing. It is always at the end of the day and it really helps to recognize all the blessings, miracles, and tender mercies from the day, no matter how hard it was! All should give it a try, it really does help to recognize all He gives us every day! 

President discussed the talk, "The Divine Gift of Repentance" by D. Todd Christofferson and it was a great discussion. Repentance should be talked about with a smile on our faces and should always come out of love because it truly is a great gift/opportunity to change and become more like our Savior. 

I have not given a language update for a while, this week I had lots of cool language experiences. Sister Miner asked me to translate for her in a training for the Primary Presidency here and of course it was a little nerve racking but all went well. The Primary got all these new materials in Russian and will soon get a disc with Primary songs in Russian, they were so happy. The sisters in the Primary Presidency really magnify their callings. 

On Sunday, I was sitting in Sacrament and realized that I was understanding all the talks and was gaining so much from it. Pretty cool to experience the miracle of the Gift of Tongues. After Church, I translated for Sister Miner again as a Sister in the branch interviewed her about her family traditions. 

I have really enjoyed studying the 4th Missionary this week and learning about what I need to do to improve, there is so much work to be done! 

Normally, today would be transfers but this transfer is 7 weeks instead of 6. Either way, this transfer has flown by! Transfer calls will be coming on Friday, hope I get to stay in Krasnodar!

It was a great, busy, fast week.  Thanks for all the updates, love, prayers and support!! 

Much love to you all! 

-Elder Tucker//Старейшина Таккер

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