Monday, February 8, 2016

Fast Sunday

Another good week in the books! 

This week we continued to work with Mihael. We have been teaching the Commandments to him and it has been so great. He is so prepared. I thought it would be hard with the Word of Wisdom and everything because Russians enjoy their tea, coffee, and alcohol and sadly there are people of every age (too young and old) smoking. But everything is going well with Mihael, just keep him in your prayers!  

We have been continuing to help Alexye build his new house. This week we moved all the bricks for him. It is alsso great to be able to help and serve others! 

I want to talk about two special members here in Krasnodar! First is Yegor. He is 14 years old and is so great. He is the only active member in his family and is just so strong. We have had some good lessons with him and we usually meet with him an hour before seminary so that he can just stay at the branch and yesterday we picked him up for church. We had a deal with him if he read two chapters a day in the Book of Mormon we would get him a super snickers. He missed one day and would not accept our snickers until he made up for it. He is a great kid! 
Then there is Diana! She is still considered a recent convert but she is about as converted as it gets. She calls us every day- she loves the missionaries- and asks about our day and tells us not to get down if people reject us. She is always sharing the gospel with people and reads her scriptures at work and texts us her favorite verses. She knows us all by name and where we are from and where we have served and so on. Just love her! She also is the only member in her family. Both Diana and Yegor face opposition for what they know to be true and that does not stop them! I never appreciated how lucky we are to have the community of Latter-day Saints that we have in Salt Lake! It is just incredible! 

Had the opportunity to translate a whole lesson for the Johnstun's while visiting the Beletskee family. It was quite a challenge especially without a companion that could also translate. (we were on splits), I love the opportunity to translate, it is always humbling.  Time with the Johnstun's is sacred, love them so much! 

Yesterday was a great Fast Sunday! I have grown to love Fast Sunday so much and the opportunity to fast. We had "Break the Fast" at the Johnstun's with the Young Single adults. Good food, good spiritual thoughts, and good company! 
Church was awesome, we had a baby blessing and there were so many powerful, emotional testimonies. The Church really is 100% true. I testify of the truthfelness of this Church. The Russian Latter-day Saints are fully converted and are so solid.  It is so humbling to see and I just wish all Saints could see and feel what I am so lucky to experience every Sunday.  Thanks for all the updates, love and support!!

I love you all! Till' next week! 

-Elder Tucker//Старейшина Таккер

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