Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentines Day!!

I am writing today in the internet cafe without a coat on! It is really weird and now we stand out more than ever which I am sure will make for some interesting times ahead. But it is so warm and nice, I think I can say my first Russian winter is in the books! But knowing Russia it will rain and snow tomorrow so we'll see. 

Mihael update!! Finished teaching him the commandments and yesterday he had his Baptismal Interview and all is set for Saturday!! That man has made some big changes in his life and the change is evident. The gospel is incredible. Some more news, he has asked me to baptize him! I am beyond honored and so excited to share this once in a lifetime experience with him. I sat with him at church yesterday and we both just can't help but smile when we start talking about his baptism. I was telling him what would happen and when I asked if he was ready, instead of answering he asked me if I was ready. Saturday could not come soon enough! Just hope I won't mess up the Baptismal Prayer...

We had a lot of service opportunities this week. One day we went from one service activity to the next. I love it! It has been quite a physically demanding week, seeing as most our service involves building homes. One day it was just me and a sledgehammer and an old brick outhouse to demolish. Good stuff! I love all the service we get to do here in Krasnodar. 

I taught English, solo on Wednesday night, which was a great experience as always. I love teaching the Gospel in English. The topic was the Savior's Earthly Ministry and Atonement. We had a good turnout- we have enough people come for a beginner and advanced class (a lot different than Volzhky). There was a very strong Spirit, especially when we showed the "Because of Him" clip, that clip gets me every time! 

Elder Tolokonnikov and I threw together a last minute activity, Saturday night for the younger members. We watched Meet the Mormons and had a good turnout there as well. Couple of our investigators came which was what we wanted because that video explains the Mormons real well! 

Sunday the topic in Sacrament Meeting was Temples. I could not stress enough the importance of temples. Somehow, my testimony of temples has gotten stronger without one. The talks were inspiring- one sister shared how the first time she got a Temple recommend she took a picture of it to always remember that moment. She also keeps it in her wallet, so that every time she opens it, she sees the temple. The members here are so passionate about the temple and there isn't a single one in this massive country. Some have not even been inside yet still have powerful testimonies from just being on temple grounds. Coming from Utah where there is a temple within 15 minutes from just about anywhere, it sure makes me want to go as much as I can when I get home! Everyone should go more than they do! 

We have some sweet new investigators. One speaks English really well and has been to America multiple times. He loves the Mormon way of life, he had a Mormon boss in America. Then we have Denis who is 20 years old and a member's daughter gave him our number and all she told him was we are nice people that speak English. He had no idea who we were but he came to Meet the Mormons and there is some potential there!

Happy Valentines Day- a day late.  I hope everyone had a great day!! Thanks so much for all the updates, love,
prayers and support.  Love you all!!  

That's all from me! Much love from K-Dar!

-Elder Tucker//Старейшина Таккер

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